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  1. All returns must be accompanied with a Credit Memo # (CM). They must be sealed in original manufacturer's packaging (if applies to unit of measure) and labeled with your name and CM #. Simply write the return authorization number you receive from customer service on your original packing list (if available) and attach copy to the package/s. If no original is available, customer service will fax from our history screen.

  2. All returns must be requested within 30 days of order date to prevent a restocking charge. Returned items will be assessed restocking charges as follows:
1-30 days    0%
31-90 days   15%
over 90 days returns not accepted--no credit due

  1. Customer Error Merchandise - Independence Business Supply will happily issue credit for returned merchandise provided the product is in resalable condition. We consider a "resalable" item to be one that you would deliver with confidence to your best and most important customer. (See attached Definition of Restockable)
  2. If for any reason the item, carton, or packing is not in resalable condition, credit will be at salvage value (30% of client price) or merchandise can be returned to you with no credit due.
  3. All Independence Business Supply (damage, wrongfills, shortages) should be reported immediately in order to correct the problems. An exact description of damaged returns should be included on the CM request. Shortages will be credited up to 5 calendar days from order date.
  4. Defective merchandise, which is under manufacturer's warranty, must be returned directly to the manufacturer or his authorized agent. We can/will provide this service on your behalf.
  5. All food items, even if still in the original container, are not returnable. No credit will be issued for any food item returned to Independence Business Supply except in the case of our error.
  6. Not-Listed Special-Order merchandise (NL), seasonal merchandise, such as dated goods, discontinued merchandise, and special promotional items not normally stocked by us are not returnable except in the case of our error.
  7. If you receive merchandise that you did not order, please notify our customer service department (800-621-6001). Independence Business Supply will provide an "over-ship" label to be placed on the merchandise for return to our distribution center. No credit is due or will be issued on such items shipped to you in error.
  8. Discrepancies with your credit memo that occur after merchandise has been returned should be reported within 10 days of receipt of credit memo. Prompt reporting of credit memo discrepancies will allow us to more efficiently investigate and track the returned product through our distribution centers.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact your Account Manager.

Independence Business Supply
Definition of Restockable

  • Must be clean and free of dents, scratches, holes, tears, cracks, stickers, labels, price tags, etc.
  • Should be unused.
  • All parts, hardware, instructions, warranty cards, etc., must be included.
  • Must be in its original packaging (carton, wrap, protection, or sleeve supplied by the manufacturer).

  • Must be free of writing, such as "Sold To", CM #, or "Return To", etc.
  • Must be free of holes, cuts, tears, etc.
  • Must be free of excessive tape or odd tapes (i.e. duct or Christmas tape, etc.)
  • Furniture cartons must be opened properly, preferably by opening the carton flaps. Never cut the furniture cartons around the bottom or down the sides.
  • All internal packaging (i.e. bubble wrap, cardboard corners, tops and side strips) must be in place.

  • Ready to assemble furniture is not returnable if the manufacturer's carton has been opened.

  • Are covered by manufacturer's warranty. These manufacturer terms and conditions are enforced on Independence Business Supply. In situations where the manufacturers will not honor credit due us, we reserve the right to deny such credit to the client. Warranty information is provided in the front of the pricer.
  • We want to make every effort to handle these items. However, most manufacturers only offer repair service and we cannot sell manufacturer's repaired product to you as new.
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